Uniform Regulations

1.    Skirts and coats must be knee-length or below.  Please allow for your daughter's potential growth when purchasing these items.                             
2.    Pupils should not come to school wearing trainers, canvas or fashion shoes.  The girls must wear the School blazer or coat to and from school.  The School coat must be worn from October to February; it may also be worn at other times; it may or may not be worn with the blazer.  
3.    A plain grey or white or black scarf is permitted instead of the school scarf in winter.  A plain white crew neck jumper or tee shirt may be worn in winter under the blouse.  (Key Stage 4 may wear a grey or black plain crew neck jumper or tee shirt in winter under the blouse.)
4.    Girls wear black walking shoes suitable for school with a low heel and black or grey short or knee length socks or natural/flesh coloured, grey or black tights. 
5.    Fashion footwear is not allowed for PE - it can be dangerous. Girls should wear PE socks for all PE activities.
6.    All pupils are expected to be neat and tidy in their appearance. Hair styles should also be neat and tidy, in keeping with school uniform. If hair is coloured artificially, it may not be dyed a colour which hair cannot be naturally.
7.    All articles of uniform should be clearly marked with the pupil's name.  Skirts, blouses, jumpers, coats, blazers, scarves and all items of P.E. kit,  including the P.E. bag which should be marked on the INSIDE near the drawstring, should be marked by name tags securely STITCHED on and also if possible in indelible pencil marking on the label.  The P.E. bag should be marked on the OUTSIDE on the tag provided.  In addition, the track suit top and trousers should have the pupil’s INITIALS printed in black.  The P.E. shorts need the WHITE initials on the left leg above the hem and the PE shirt should have the pupil’s INITIALS printed in WHITE letters no less than two centimetres high above the crest.
8.    Jewellery must not be worn with school uniform and no girl in Years 7 - 11 should use cosmetics or nail varnish at school. Girls with pierced ears may wear only plain, spherical, undecorated gold or silver studs no more than a quarter of an inch in diameter, (only one in each ear positioned in the lobe) but NO EARRINGS.  No other jewellery or piercings are allowed.
9.    Articles of school uniform may not be borrowed or lent.
10.  The school runs a second-hand uniform 'shop' the proceeds of which are paid into the School Building Fund (Archangel Trust).  Anyone interested is asked to get in touch with the Welfare Officer. 

Both parents and pupils have recently expressed concern about the winter coat making the girls “invisible” in the dark mornings and evenings.  Of course a white scarf may be worn outside the coat or fluorescent items may be obtained to reflect the light.  One of our parents has discovered that fluorescent bags, arm sashes, hats, gloves, stars and waistcoats can all be purchased from www.xinteractiveclothing.com/hiviz.htm and she has asked me to inform you.
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